Be prepared for any emergency while sharing hope, love and precious life giving water to those in need in Sub-Saharan Africa


Imagine you are out in a remote area far away from civilization; you are lost or stranded, alone or in a small group. Did you or someone carry any survival gear? If so, do you know how to use it? Is it easy to use? Is it with you and accessible?


Many of the survival kits found in the market these days are not easy to use or too bulky to carry, making a bad situation worse. Some kits are bulky plastic boxes that you have to dig out of a backpack leaving your carefully packed clothes strewn over the wet ground so you can get to it. Some people try and use a plastic bag which flies away with one strong gust of wind or rips when you try and open it.

 Even the best outdoorsmen can run into bad luck, Imagine:

  • Your canoe tips over and all your gear is lost
  • A stray spark ignites your tent while you are away
  • A hail storm or bear ravages your entire camp
  • Driving on an isolated mountain road your truck or snowmobile is totaled, and you barely make it out alive
  • Vandals disable your vehicle and steal your gear leaving you stranded with nothing

A Simple Survival Kit Means the Difference between Life and Agonizing Death…

but it doesn’t have to be this way!


Hello, I am John. Together with my wife Rachel, and our best bud, Eric, we developed the Life-Pods Paracord Survival Kit. Through our passion, sweat and tears, we are proud to offer you a survival kit that is the lightest, most cost effective and easiest to use for any disaster or survival scenario. Because of its compact and light size, and the carabineer that is included, you will be able to have the Life-Pods kit with you at all times.



Life-Pods Paracord Survival Kit new amazing unique


Genius, thousand-aire, playboy, philanthropist, and master of small kitchen appliances. Eric heads up trade shows.


Life-Pods Paracord Survival Kit new amazing unique


Co-creator, designer, and pancake connoisseur. Rachel is responsible for the design of the Life-Pod and makes each one by hand!


Voodoo Shaman
Life-Pods Paracord Survival Kit new amazing unique


Voodoo Shaman
Former pastor, current firearms instructor, proud Millennial, and dictator. John takes care of the internet, and let's face it, the internet is basically Voodoo; no one knows how this stuff works.

The Life-Pods Paracord Survival Kit is the lightest, most affordable and easiest to use kit on the market. This complete survival kit contains:

  • Approx:100ft of 550 paracord
  • Carabineer that you can clip on anything so it is always within reach
  • Button compass for your direction
  • Flint and striker to make a fire
  • Cotton ball to catch a spark to start your fire
  • Storm proof Matches that will give you a fighting chance to start a fire in bad weather
  • Snare wire to make a trap
  • Wire saw to cut wood
  • Fishing Kit for providing a means of feeding yourself
  • Sewing kit with Safety pins to fix rips in emergency shelter covering, tent or clothes
  • Pencil for your emergency message
  • Adhesive dressings to keep small cuts from becoming big problems
  • First aid instructions so you don’t have guess what to do to if you have to treat injuries
  • Survival instructions will save you precious time getting organized and will give you confidence to act in a time of chaos
  • Foldable water bottle saves space, is light and easy to carry

A survival kit is useless if it's not with you


This Life-Pods survival kit is cost effective, cheaper than what is currently on the market. Ingeniously woven with 550 Paracord, it creates a self-containing pouch holding a complete survival kit. Most importantly, it also comes with a sturdy, lightweight carabineer that securely attaches the kit to you, so if you fall down a hill or fall out of the boat, your survival gear is always with you. Our Life-Pods kit is compact and lightweight enough to be stuffed into, or hooked on, just about anything, without adding significant weight or bulk. It is about the size of a large apple.

Ingenious Design Makes It Easy To Use

With most Paracord survival products, you have to spend too much time, daylight and energy untying endless knots to get the length of cord you want. Time is life in a survival situation. With our one of a kind design, you only need a few seconds to untie one knot and unravel a little or the entire 100 feet of 550 Paracord.

The Life-Pod Saves More Lives Than Your Own!


At Life-Pods, we are interested in saving more than just one life. We are making a positive impact on the world with our company, Life-Pods to save as many lives as we can. Our company will contribute from the proceeds of each Pod so that your purchase will provide a year of clean drinking water for two people in Sub-Sahara Africa. This is accomplished through donations to Blood:Water, a global non-profit organization dedicated towards providing clean drinking water. So now, not only can the Life-Pods save your life but your purchase will save two other lives as well.


100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

After all you have nothing to lose; our product is 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. When you purchase a Life-Pods Survival Kit, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not thrilled with your Life-Pod Paracord Survival Kit, just return it for a full refund immediately.

Remember, when you order today, you get the Life-Pods Survival Kit containing 100ft (30.5 meters) of 550 paracord, a handy carabineer and 17 other crucial items that can mean the difference between life and death for you and anyone who may be in a bad situation with you.

When you order the Life-Pods Paracord Survival kit, you not only get the most versatile and convenient survival kit anywhere but you help supply water to those in need, saving lives of people half way around the globe.

Have the peace of mind knowing that you have help available right by your side if you need it .